Calvin Klein Article

August 31, 1995



Liberties; What Calvin Means


Statement from Calvin Klein, Inc. (With subtext by Calvin)

The message of the CK Calvin Klein Jeans current advertising campaign is that young people today, the most media savvy generation yet, have a real strength of character and independence.

(The message of my jeans campaign is that young people today should have sex, lots of sex, straight-up sex, twisted sex, denim sex, multicultural sex. That’s the same message I’ve always had. Wet shots sell dry goods. Why show clothes when you can show a body? I look at the body as being something beautiful. Anyway, these pictures are supposed to make people stop. Stop and shop. But everyone is so blasted media-savvy, its gets harder and harder to push back the edge of the envelope. How do I stay on the border of bad taste when my rivals are doing magazine ads of rape fantasies and black and white men handcuffed together? In the old days it was easy. You got Brooke Shields to vamp in tight jeans, even if she was 15. You got Marky Mark to clutch himself in boxer briefs. But the edge keeps slipping away. So of course I was thrilled when Steven Meisel came up with a campaign that had a bunch of hot, half-naked boys and girls being questioned by an old creep in a rec room. So what if it looks like a low-budget porn flick? The idea was so Calvin.)

They have very strongly defined lines of what they will and will not do — and have a great ability to know who they are and who they want to be.



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One Response to “Calvin Klein Article”

  1. 1 sherryeparker31

    This article is very intriguing because it shows Klein’s candid remarks on his controversial advertising campaigns. The comment that “wet shots sell dry goods”, is very contentious due to the positions of the models. In some Klein’s advertisements, the female models are pictured in wet clothes, highlighting their thin frame. Wet clothing also suggests sexual behaviors. This type of advertising needs to be critcally analyzed because of future implications for society.

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