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Gender Roles   In this advertisement for Calvin Klein Jeans, the female model is depicted lying on vacant beach. This type of advertisement creates many troubled stereotypes and ideologies for our modern day society. She is dressed in a see through white tank top, which emphasizes her chest region. She also has on low rise […]

Media’s Depiction of Gender   Kate Moss and Mark Wahlberg were launched into celebrity status when they were depicted in Calvin Klein’s racy image advertisements. However, the images they created tested the boundaries of media ethics. The selection of Kate Moss as one of the primary models for the Calvin Klein campaign is an issue […]

    The Objectification of a Young Girl This Calvin Klein Jeans advertisement enters a contentious area of criticism.  The female model depicted in this advertisement appears to be very young in age, possibly 14 or 15.   As a communication scholar, it is my responsibility to question the representation of American youth in provocative advertisements. […]

Fashion or Pornography? This 2004 advertisement for Calvin Klein Jeans is extremely racy and controversial. This image suggests more than the purchase of designer jeans.  Caputi(2003) suggests the ideology of everyday pornography in mediated advertisements. Caputi uses the term pornography not in the sense of sexually explicit materials, but to address many issues surrounding sexual […]

   What is Calvin Klein selling in this advertisement? This Calvin Klein Jeans advertisement has many subliminal messages that are conveyed to the consumer. According to Williamson (1986), women in advertisements are often pictured in the same manner.  Williamson suggests that women rarely have the command of stare and are positioned in a way where they […]