Calvin Klein Advertisement



Too much Sexuality?

Calvin Klein is known for sexual explicit advertisements, however this image advertisement in particular is extremely thought provoking. Ideologies of heterosexuality and overt sexuality are brought to the forefront in this racy illustration of Calvin Klein clothing.

The female model in this image is straddling the male model, seductively suggesting that women are open to sexual encounters.  The satisfied man is lying on the bed, and his arms are by his side. This does not suggest that he is intellectually interested in the female.

The woman photographed is pictured in a submissive position. Goffman (1976) first suggested the ideologies of submission and dominant oppression.  The female model represents the submission by physically hunching her shoulders down towards the male model. Despite her arms softly holding him down, he is the more dominant figure in the advertisement. The stark contrast of white and black accentuates the female model’s lack of clothing. She is very thin, perpetuating a false stereotype of women in our society. Overall, this advertisement should not be seen by the younger culture in the United States. Sadly, images like this do not seem to shock audiences anymore. As a culture, the process of desensitization has enabled advertisers such as Calvin Klein to test the boundaries.



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