Calvin Klein Advertisement



  The Objectification of a Young Girl

This Calvin Klein Jeans advertisement enters a contentious area of criticism.  The female model depicted in this advertisement appears to be very young in age, possibly 14 or 15.   As a communication scholar, it is my responsibility to question the representation of American youth in provocative advertisements.

 The model is pictured with her hair back, symbolic of a young adolescent’s hairstyle. She is also pictured with high socks and tennis shoes, which also leads the consumer to believe she is rather young.  Her socks happen to be pink, which often symbolizes a young girls clothing.

 However, the most disturbing piece of this advertisement would have to be her provocative pose. She is depicted with her legs wide open, allowing the viewer to focus on her sexual orientation. She is sexually gazing into the camera, provoking the consumer to view her as a sexual object. The backdrop for this advertisement is a wood-paneled room that is very similar to that of a basement.

This advertisement for Calvin Klein jeans implies more than the purchase of a pair of jeans. It allows a young girl to be objectified and viewed in a pornographic manner. Advertisements such as these should be pulled before they are even presented to the public. It is the social responsibility of the advertisement agency to realize that these images will have negative ramifications on society.






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