Calvin Klein Advertisement


Fashion or Pornography?

This 2004 advertisement for Calvin Klein Jeans is extremely racy and controversial. This image suggests more than the purchase of designer jeans.  Caputi(2003) suggests the ideology of everyday pornography in mediated advertisements. Caputi uses the term pornography not in the sense of sexually explicit materials, but to address many issues surrounding sexual advertisements.  The concept of everyday pornography is “constructing feminine and masculine subjectivities based in gender inequality, conditioning us to eroticize domination, subordination, violence, and objectification.”

 Advertisements seen in popular magazines, purchased by younger consumers often objectify women and promote gender inequality. Each consumer is not going to critically evaluate every advertisement; therefore they are unconsciously accepting the ideologies that are presented.

The female model pictured in this advertisement is erotically lying on top of the male model. She is arching her body, emphasizing her ghastly thin torso. The shirtless male model in the image is holding her breast with his eyes closed. Similarly to the male model, her eyes are also closed and her head is tilted back in a submissive manner.  This advertisement not only suggests the idea of sex, but promotes an unhealthy image of a woman. Her ribs and her hip bones are prominently showing, and she is graciously submitting to his touch.   




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