Calvin Klein Advertisement


   What is Calvin Klein selling in this advertisement?

This Calvin Klein Jeans advertisement has many subliminal messages that are conveyed to the consumer. According to Williamson (1986), women in advertisements are often pictured in the same manner.  Williamson suggests that women rarely have the command of stare and are positioned in a way where they are seen as just an object of desire. For this specific image advertisement, Williamson’s ideologies are blatantly obvious.  The female model is shown lying on her back, pushing her pelvic region up.  Her legs are spread, allowing the male model to kneel close to her.  She has one arm close to her chest, and the other is placed on her head.  She has her eyes closed, which represents Williamson’s notion of a women’s stare.  She is not watching the male who is aggressively holding her legs; she chooses not to look at all. Her mouth is also open which signifies accessibility. (Caputi, 2003).  She conveys the ideology of submission which inherently promotes negative connotations.  

            The male model, on the other hand, is in a very dominant position. He is positioned over top of her, firmly grasping her legs. The man in this Calvin Klein image looks as if he possesses the female and suggests naïve submission.    He is staring at her in a way that makes her just a physical object.  According to Caputi (2003), this male dominant position can be attributed to patriarchal influences in society.  This advertisement could potentially suggest that women are disposable objects and women are only attracted to “bad boys”. (Caputi, 2003).  



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